Trigger Point Therapy — PNF — Joint Mobilizations — Myofascial Release

Treatment Techniques
Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage offers the following techniques to their NW Calgary massage clients.
Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger points (often referred to as "knots") are tender spots located within muscle tissue that can produce pain at the site or refer pain to another location.  Your therapist will use either their thumbs, fingers or elbows to apply a steady pressure to these points, within the client's pain tolerance, and wait until the tenderness subsides.  This may take anywhere from 10-60 seconds depending on the stubbornness of the tissue.
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PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) Stretching
PNF Stretching refers to a set of stretching techniques used to increase both active and passive range of motion in order to improve performance and aid in rehabilitation.  Typically an active PNF stretch involves a contraction of the opposing muscle in order to place the target muscle on a stretch.  This is followed by an isometric contraction of the target muscle.  PNF stretching can be used in addition to your regular stretching routine and to make quick gains in range of motion.  Two different types of PNF stretching would include Contract Relax and Hold Relax.  At Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage, your therapist would determine the needs of the client depending on the condition presented and apply the appropriate stretching method in order to achieve the desired results.
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Joint Mobilizations
Joint mobilizations involves your therapist moving the joint passively in a variety of different positions in order to achieve an increase in range of motion.  It may also help to decrease adhesions within the joint capsule.
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Myofascial Release
Fascia is an internal connective tissue that envelops every muscle fibre and organ within the body.  It has the appearance of a spider-web and it functions to provide support, cushioning and strength to the entire system.  Since the word "myo" means muscle, your therapist will be concerned with the muscular component of the fascial system.  Myofascial work is very slow and deliberate as it takes time to make more permanent changes due to the consistency of the fascia itself.  At Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage, your therapist will determine whether myofascial work would be beneficial to the client's presenting condition and apply the technique as appropriate.
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