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Massage Services
Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage is proud to offer the following services to its Northwest Calgary massage clients.
Relaxation/Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage
Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage or something that is more therapeutic, Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage will cater to your specific needs.  A variety of different techniques will be used during each treatment in order to provide you with the best experience possible. 
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Myofascial Release
What is Fascia?  Fascia is an internal connective tissue that envelops every muscle fibre and organ within the body.  It has the appearance of a spider-web and it functions to provide support, cushioning and strength to the entire system. Since the word "myo" means muscle, I will be concerned with the muscular component of the fascial system.  Myofascial work can be slow and deliberate as it takes time to make more permanent changes due to the consistency of the fascia itself.  Every treatment will focus some time on the pelvis as it is responsible for maintaining the symmetry and balance for the rest of the body, and any twists or rotations there may lead to compensations either down into the legs or up into the thoracic spine and neck.  Therefore, any work done in this area will produce changes in other areas.  During treatment, your body will move into stretch positions that relate to the muscle(s) that are releasing.  This allows the muscles around the joints to loosen and either passive or active joint mobilizations will be performed. My focus is to "unwind" those lines of tension throughout the body to decrease pain and increase flexibility. 

I provide a movement based approach to Myofascial Release that uses dynamic stretching and joint mobilization techniques to help eliminate pain and chronic tension caused by injuries and overuse.  By “unwinding” the fascia along all lines of tension it is possible to obtain a more permanent state of balance and symmetry within the body.  Under my instruction, you will be shown how to release your tissue in ways that feel good and are easy to do with noticeable results, all while increasing your strength, stability and mobility.  Every treatment is tailored to you and how you are presenting in that moment.  Treatments are designed to build on each other and, along with monthly massage, provide you with the right tools and education to become an active participant in your overall health.  At Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage, every treatment is individually tailored to you and how your body is presenting at that moment.  
Who is this for?  Everyone!!  This type of treatment is ideal for anyone who is suffering from chronic pain and tension.  It is an excellent form of rehabilitation from past injuries and is essential in helping to prevent future ones.
What do I wear? – Active wear or Yoga clothing is perfect.   Something that you can move in easily (ie. 2 piece bathing suit or shorts and a bra/sports bra).  No jeans please :)
What can I expect? – There will be an initial full body assessment of joint mobility and range of motion with treatment focused on those areas that are blocked or limited.  Movement will be incorporated into the entire session while I provide manual therapy and myofascial techniques, on and off the table, to release tissue tension and improve functionality.  Visual aids will be used as educational tools and self-care instruction will be given after every treatment.
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TMJ (Jaw) Massage
The pelvis and the jaw are connected through the deeper fascia of the body and have a direct involvement with each other.  Every TMJ treatment at Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage includes some pelvic myofascial release and joint mobilizations in order to achieve spinal balance in the torso and neck.  The neck and jaw will be assessed for tension, deviations, and flexibility and the appropriate treatment will be administered.  Accessing the chewing muscles involves working inside the mouth for 20 to 30 seconds at a time, alternating between right and left sides.  Releasing muscle tightness and joint compression fosters mechanical symmetry, addresses pain, and can contribute to improving your bite.  For more information on TMJ Dysfunction please click here. 

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Sports Massage
Sports massage is not limited to high-end athletes - anyone participating in sports or activities can benefit from a sports massage. Massage before or after a sports event can be very beneficial to the participant.  A more brisk massage with shorter strokes would be applied before an event in order to warm up the tissue, enhance performance and prevent injury.  Post event sports massage would consist of addressing any issues that arose during the event itself by applying specific techniques to the areas of concern.  The work would be aimed at treating any injuries that occurred and also muscle recovery.  Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage believes that pre- and post-event sports massage is extremely important in maintaining an injury free training routine, allowing you to benefit from reduced muscle soreness after events and faster recovery.  If you would like one of our therapists to attend a sporting event as part of your healthcare team then please contact us.
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Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)
Car accidents can be traumatic and costly.  Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage understands that getting your health and lifestyle back is important to you and that's why we are committed to starting your rehab process as soon as possible.  After consulting with your physician and starting your claim, you then have between 10 to 21 visits to get you back to health.  After the initial assessment and a series of orthopedic tests, your therapist will outline a treatment plan and schedule that is designed to treat you effectively and efficiently.  A variety of techniques will be used to treat your condition(s) and detailed notes will be taken.  These treatment notes may be shared with your physician or other healthcare professionals, only at your request, so that we may work in conjunction with each other in order to provide you with the best care possible.
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Injury Rehabilitation
We've all done it - injured ourselves and expected that, after a couple of days, it will just "go away" or "get better".  Injuries can be frustrating and debilitating, especially when they take such a long time to heal.  After an injury occurs, scar tissue starts to form immediately in order to strengthen the weakened area.  The problem with scar tissue is that it lays down in a criss-cross fashion, not in straight lines that correspond with the muscle fibres that have been torn.  So, while the scar tissue is doing its job of keeping the tissue strong and preventing re-injury, the area now has slightly less range of motion and functionality.  By treating the tissue with cross-fibre frictions as soon after injury as possible, you are able to align the scar tissue in the direction of the corresponding tissue fibres allowing the muscle to function effectively.  If left untreated, scar tissue can cause other muscles in the area to compensate for the dysfunction of the once injured tissue, leading to conditions that are seemingly unrelated and in different locations than the initial injury site.  Once your injury has been treated, your therapist will give you the proper stretching and/or strengthening exercises in order for you to maintain optimum health and performance and to prevent re-injury.  Let Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage make your injury rehabilitation process a speedy one by booking an appointment as soon as possible.
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Pregnancy (Pre/Post Natal Care)
As a woman's body changes during the different stages of pregnancy, she will experience a wide variety of symptoms and discomfort.  Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage offers pregnant clients relief from any and all of those aches and pains.  As a pregnancy client, you will remain on your stomach as long as you are comfortable to do so.  As the belly grows, you will then be treated on your side using pillows to bolster yourself into a comfortable position.  Massage during pregnancy can help to ease the birthing process by working on those muscles that are tense and compensating for your changing body.  After the birth, massage is extremely beneficial to help reduce the tightness felt in the upper back and neck due to nursing and also to provide stress relief from your hectic family life.  Your therapist is committed to helping you recover your pre-pregnancy body and offer support where needed.
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Children's Massage
These days, children are more active than ever before, often participating in a multitude of highly competitive sports starting at a much younger age.  Along with that superior level of training comes an increase in the amount of injuries associated with that particular sport or activity.  Many sports are very repetitive (ie, tennis, baseball, swimming) and may also have a rotational aspect to them that puts extra strain on the lumbar and thoracic areas of the spine. Shoulder issues are very common, that in turn leads to neck tightness and headaches. Running and jumping sports (ie. basketball and soccer) tend to lead to hip, knee, and ankle injuries as well as plantar fascitis and conditions such as Osgood-Schlatter. Couple this with muscles that just can't keep up with a young, growing body and you have the potential for tightness, strain, or possible injury.  After the initial assessment, a Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage therapist would treat a child with the same techniques as an adult with the only difference being that the parent/guardian would be in the room at the time of the treatment.  Checking in with your kids and asking them how they feel is the first step to injury prevention. If they are complaining of aches and pains now, it's time to think about getting them in for a treatment. Age doesn't discriminate when it comes to injury, and the sooner they are treated the faster they will recover and the better they will feel and perform.  If you have any questions about having your child treated with massage, please contact us.
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