Healthytoes - $20.00

Healthytoes are composed of a special gel material that is fitted into the spaces between your toes to help open up your circulatory  system.  Healthytoes will exercise and condition your feet, and with daily use you will notice an improvement in the shape and strength of your feet.  Healthytoes can be useful for many foot conditions such as:

                • Bunions
                • Hammer Toes
                • Sore feet
                • Foot pain


Foam Roller - $35.00

Foam rollers are versatile tools for stretching, rehabilitation, physical therapy and fitness.  Stretching with a foam roller is a great addition to any exercise routine, helping to improve flexibility and stability for better quality of movement.

When a foam roller is used in a physical therapy exercise program, it aids in the healing process by promoting spinal stabilization, alignment, myofascial release and balance training. The unstable nature of the foam roller will also help you develop greater core strength and stability while improving circulation and relaxation.  You can use a foam roller on the following areas:

              • IT Band
              • Spine
              • Hamstrings
              • Quadriceps