Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage

Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage, located in NW Calgary, has been providing Therapeutic Massage to Calgarians for over 15 years.  A Massage treatment at Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage is as individual as you are.  Whether you are looking for Relaxation, Deep Tissue or relief from chronic pain caused by an injury/accident, we provide each client with personalised service and a treatment plan that supports and empowers you in your self-care journey. 
Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage provides each client with an individualized treatment plan, using a variety of myofascial and manual techniques, joint mobilizations and movement instruction, that allows fascial lines of tension to be released throughout the body.  By treating muscular and postural compensations that were created by overuse or injuries, the body is able to achieve a more balanced state, thus alleviating persistent pain and tension and increasing flexibility and strength.  Patient involvement and dedication to the process is the key to quick and permanent results.  
The clinic specializes in Sports & Injury Rehabilitation, Myofascial Release, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)/Whiplash Injuries and treating TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint) dysfunction.  For a full list of our services, please click here.
As part of our service, we will provide you with the knowledge of self-administered pain management techniques, such as stretching and strengthening exercises, joint mobilizations and the use of heat or cold therapy, which will help you get the most out of each treatment.  Natural Touch Sports & Injury Massage, located in NW Calgary, is dedicated to improving the general welfare of all our clients. We work closely with other healthcare professionals in order to provide you with the best care possible.  Our focus has always been on patient care and we invite you to become an active participant in your overall health and well being.




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"I get a lot of repetitive strain injuries with my job, massage helps prevent a lot of these injuries" - J.S.

"I highly recommend Meagan for massage therapy. I feel she has helped me maintain an active and healthy lifestyle by addressing issues before they became problematic through the massage and by teaching me how to take care of them afterwards." - T.B.

"I look forward to having my massage every month! The day I get my email reminder is a great day. Over the years Meagan has done wonders for my foot , elbow but most especially my back. I find I feel better after a massage with Meagan than a chiro adjustment!" - K.H.

"Massage has helped my neck and back feel better in my thirties than they did in my twenties. Meagan has been a key part of that success." - C.C.

"Meagan is the only massage therapist I have found that spends the time to work on each of my sore muscles and areas completely to loosen up the knots. I used to suffer from frequent headaches due to tension in my back and neck, but treatments from Meagan have drastically reduced them, and the relaxation that comes after a professional massage from her helps me to cope with my busy life!" - M.H.

"I have had a number of age related and work related injuries, including two types of arthritis. Over the years, I've seen a number of massage therapists, but never found anyone as competent as Meagan. Her knowledge is superior as is her technique. She was instrumental in relieving my chronic neck pain, as well as other conditions." - J.S.

"After undergoing open heart surgery, 75% of my left hand was absolutely numb. Additionally, I could only raise my left arm up to shoulder level. With Meagan’s massage and the persistent use of weights and calisthenics, I was back to normal within a year. Without Meagan’s regular ( and not painless) massage therapy, I would not have made such a remarkable recovery” - C.W.

“I have been suffering with posterior tibial tendonitis and plantar fasciitis for some time now and have tried just about everything from acupuncture and diet changes to orthotics and physiotherapy, but in the end I believe that massage with Meagan has been one of the most integral components of my recovery and has given me much relief. Thank you, not only for your professional skills, but also for your friendly and caring manner and your sense of humor.” - L.T.

"I have used Meagan's massage service on a regular basis for on-going maintenance of good health. However, when I occasionally had problems with sensitive joints, or tight, aching or pulled muscles, Meagan's "Natural Touch Massage" have always brought immediate relief. Therefore, I will continue to seek out her massage service as an affordable luxury which also brings needed cures when required! Thank you, Meagan!" - L.H.

"I have been seeing Meagan for 2 years now as it is hard to find another therapist like her that can do a deep massage to release my muscle tension. I suffer from tension headaches, plantar fascitis and general muscle tightness from my physical job and the monthly massages are so beneficial. I also continued to see Meagan during my pregnancy. I would highly recommend Meagan for her skill, professionalism and personality." - W.V.

"Meagan has helped me recover from a repetitive strain sports injury to my neck and shoulders. I was referred to her through a chiropractor and was initially hesitant to try massage therapy. I now understand that massage therapy is a preventative tool as well as a recovery aid to my training needs. I would not be where I am today without Meagan's support, encouragement, and miraculous work!" - N.E.

"Meagan is an amazing and talented therapist! She's extremely efficient at assessing where tension exists, and homes right in on any problem areas. My calves, neck, shoulders, and upper back are always more relaxed after a session, and she is more than willing to attend to any specific problems when I mention them on arrival. Meagan is absolutely the best therapist I have ever seen!" - C.D.

"I've had the best massages from you Meagan. You know exactly where to go and waste no time getting there. You are efficient and effective. My tight muscles don't have a chance with you!" - J.H.

"Working endless hours at the computer created tension build up in my neck and shoulders. That is when I sought out massage therapy. Now I am retired and work as an artist. Again I find tension and stress build-up as I stand and work long hours to meet show deadlines. After a massage I feel like a liberated woman!" - M.H.

"I suffer from chronic back and hip muscle pain and Meagan’s massages provide relief to the pain and stiffness I experience. The massages help me stay flexible, active and pain free. Meagan is a talented massage therapist and I have recommended her to my family and friends." - P.M.

"Have been having regular massages for many years to keep muscles and overall structure as “non-tight” as possible. Have also used massage to address exercise injuries and rehabilitation. I have used Meagan’s “natural touch” for a number of years and she has done a masterful job of helping me get back to a more normal feel AND she even finds areas that needed it but I had not yet recognized the issue. I feel great after her massage techniques and have recommended others to use her services with good results as well. Highly recommended." - E.D.

"My husband and I suffer from our upper body muscles tightening due to daily stress. With her knowledge of anatomy, Meagan is able to address our various muscles issues with her massage techniques. In addition to the adults, Meagan also massages my 2 young sons, ages 7 and 9. Visits with Meagan allow my sons to maintain their optimal health so that they are able to keep up with their many activities in and out of school. I have a team of people supporting my family's health and well being. Over the years, Meagan has been and still is a major team member supporting our health." - S.S.

"Meagan understands my desire to maintain flexibility in my aging muscles and works with me towards that goal. Having a desk job proves to be quite a challenge but she has been able to 'liberate' the muscles in my neck, shoulders and lower back. When I broke my arm in 2012 I was anxious to have the mobility I had, prior to the break, return - she managed to 'wake up' the resting muscle and it transitioned into full use again. I feel confident recommending her expertise in massage therapy." - D.M.

"Meagan has helped me maintain an active lifestyle as well as recover from knee and shoulder injuries. Her exceptional understanding of therapeutic techniques and anatomy allows her to adapt your massage to focus on exactly where your body needs attention. This is a unique skill, based on her extensive knowledge and experience, very few therapists have. Meagan cares deeply about her clients health, well being and recovery. She will help you recover from injury and/or maintain a healthy active lifestyle. I can highly recommend Natural Touch Sport & Injury Massage for your next massage treatment." - D.C.

"I had been going to a massage therapist for many years, and when they left the province, I found myself taking up referrals from friends, visiting therapists based on reviews from the internet, and cold calling various therapists throughout the city. I soon realized that Calgary has a lot of therapists, and not very many who I would consider exceptional in their craft. I just happened upon Meagan while visiting a chiropractor with whom she shared an office, and after one session, I knew I had finally ended my 3 year search for a suitable replacement. Meagan not only provided me with the massage I needed for relief, recovery, and rehabilitation, on her own time, she also took the initiative research possible treatments (both in and out of the massage field), and was always prepared for my next visit with treatment directly related to my condition. This was the first time in nearly 10 years that a massage therapist took a unique and personalized approach to my individual needs. Needless to say, if I can't get in to be treated by Meagan, I will wait until I can." - C.Y.


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How will my treatments help you?
  • Rehabilitate injuries
  • Decrease pain and tension
  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • Restore balance and symmetry
  • Mobilize joints
  • Generate a sense of well-being